Contact NEXTDOOR for a structural design of your new home or office. We also give advice on lighting, colour and decoration. As versatile architects, we facility our clients in designing their exterior and interior, while supporting the complete process from municipal permits to supervising the contractors. Through cooperation with other disciplines which consists of an interior designer, interior decorator and designer living

Petra Willems

The driving force behind NEXTDOOR is Petra Willems. In 2007, she started a career as an independent entrepreneur and her expertise in the profession of interior designer allowed her to develop a versatile interior design agency specialised in interior styling, interior decorating, interior design and 3D interior design.

Petra is home decorator and interior designer. She gives expert advice on issues related to office and home design. In addition, she provides tailored advice on colour, lighting and material choices.

With her years of experience in the field, Petra helps with private construction supervision and she was responsible for the design and restyling of various commercial businesses throughout the Netherlands such as complete projects and offices for Organon, Rabobank and MSD.

Frank Ulijn

Frank Ulijn has been working with Petra since March 2013. As an interior designer, Frank specialises in rendering, modelling, drawing and 3D-drawing of designs for both the professional and private market. He uses this expertise to create beautiful 3D interior designs that perfectly match your needs and the function of the space.

For NEXTDOOR, he has created a youthful and modern design for Jeugd Tand Verzorging Oss (JTV). Frank has furnished a lot of offices and also works in the private market for designs that match the space and the individual users.