Method for private individuals

Good decorating advice starts with a good conversation. By listening and asking the right questions, we do not only try to learn as much as possible for the advice but also try to get a feel for the wishes, to identify the use of space, to get an impression of the light and the acoustics as they are now. We pay attention to the smallest details to ensure that the advice has the right finesse.

We order ideas taking into account your wishes and the people using the space. The decorating advice is developed into a map, 3D visualisation, and enriched with personal colour advice. The drawings, colour advice, and general tips are collected in a beautiful presentation folder which is delivered to your home.

After the decorating advice, you are ready to start redesigning your home. Naturally, we would also be happy to assist you with this process, taking complete care of your needs.

Decorating assistance

We offer advice and construction supervision when building or remodelling your home or business. This starts with a remodelling advice focussed on design and building permit to advising on the lightning plan, material selection and colour scheme.

Constructions drawings new homes

New constructions distinguishes itself not only in exterior, convenience and sustainability: by giving the interior the right look & feel, you can enjoy all the comforts of your new house or new business premises. With our professional eye and attention for detail, we ensure that your interior matches you perfectly and transform a sustainable, often sleek environment into a warm and atmospheric experience.

Construction drawings extension

With an extension to your home, you do not only create more space in your home or business, but it also allows you to arrange it based on your tastes and desires in one fell swoop. NEXTDOOR advises on the possibilities and also takes a critical look at your needs in combination with the function of the space. This creates the perfect situation.

Your construction drawings are ready? Arrange construction supervision!

Are your construction drawings already completed? Check whether everything has been considered. Creating a lightning plan in advance can prevent later demolition work. NEXTDOOR can be engaged as a construction supervisor during the implementation. Not to get in the way of the architects or contractors, but rather to work with them to achieve the best result for a gorgeous and practical design which increases the enjoyment of your home or offices.

Lightning advice/design

Lightning is one of the most important but also the most difficult parts in the design and layout of your home or office. We are committed to creating the most beautiful and best ambience, but also devising practical solutions for your lighting problem. No matter how beautiful the design, a poor lightning plan can completely destroy your desired ambience.


If the acoustics are subpar, we can carry out calculations and give advice for improvements.